let’s build something great.

Areas of Expertise


pre-construction planning

From design to construction we will walk you through each step of the process. Our team is committed to being available during each stage of your project to ensure you’re satisfied with the important decisions being made. With over 90 years of experience, we understand how important communication is.


Not sure how your dream house or commercial project will look? Our design team can draw up your project in 3D and walk you through each room. From how lightning will effect a room, to the materials used, we have the technology in house to make your dream a reality.

safety and security

Keeping our team and your project safe is one of our top priorities. Our staff go through rigorous hands-on training scenarios bi-weekly to ensure safety. Developing a new project is a big investment, we’ll help ensure that your investment is safe and secure during the building process. Working safely means we get to work again tomorrow.


Experts in paints, oils, stains, and polymer, we know exactly what products to use to get a professional long lasting finish. Quality is the foundation of every Voss project, and quality products are all we use. Our focus is not only on painting your project, but also protecting it from the elements for years to come.


The options are endless when it comes to designing a new room. Our design team’s mission is to create thoughtful designs that meet our clients aesthetic and functional goals while respecting the buildings that contain them. Let us help you pick the perfect materials that compliment each other.


We work with you to get the most for your money. Understanding the value of materials helps our customers get the most for their money. Working with Voss Construction ensures you will get the most value out of your investment. Over the years we have built great relationships with vendors, and our customers reap the benefits of that.


Managing a project is a full time job. Our team is committed to ensuring your deadlines are met safely and with integrity. Our software infuses technology with productivity so we never miss a step. From permits to scheduling, we stay two steps ahead of the project to make sure materials are on time and our team is ready to go.


Communication is the foundation of every project we embark on. We want our clients to feel comfortable knowing their project is in good hands. We pride ourselves on being available any time during your project to answer questions or supply documentation.

site selection/viability

Understanding the limitations of your project site is important. With all the variables that go into planning and construction, it’s critical to have an experienced contractor to do it right the first time. We have all the tools in house to help you pick a site that will compliment your investment and ensure peace of mind moving forward.